Become a mentor.

Through weekly one on one sessions, you can inspire and nurture younger students by taking part on our peer mentoring scheme.  This programme seeks to link up like minded individuals who share similar aspirations, challenges and experiences.  By reflecting on your own personal experiences you can offer valuable guidance and support from a student's perspective.

Prefects 2018.jpg


If selected to be a senior prefect in Year 13 you will be a positive role model for other students and act as form representatives. You will guide guests on tours of the academy at key school events and give presentations speaking about your experiences at Clapton.


Student Voice.

We believe that listening to students, and developing them as leaders, is at the heart of enabling our students to achieve to their full potential. All students are actively encouraged to share their ideas to inform school policy and practice.

Leadership programmes this year have included CGA Mock Election and fundraising for Syrian refugees with Citizens UK. 


Train to teach.

Intensive training is given before going to work in the academy’s classrooms once a week as a teaching assistant. With this programme you can also opt to take a level 2 accreditation.