New Noise: Millie Turner

Y13 student Millie Turner's music has been compared to the like of Björk and Maggie Rogers.  Check out her recent interview in Wonderland magazine to find out all there is to know!

At only 17 years old, Millie Turner is already proving herself as a name to look out for. Bursting onto the scene with last year’s debut track “Underwater”, the pulsating electronic soundscape cut by her delicate folk-tinged vocals and youthful lyricism.

Returning with follow-up “Eyes on You”, the sophomore track saw her repping skills in the craft of pop beauties, while latest bop “The Shadow” proves that Millie can (and will) write your new fave club banger; each brilliantly unique, each boasting Turner’s mesmerising voice alongside an electrifying youthful quality that runs to their core.